Can’t wait the lead time it takes for the factory to build you a new motor? Let Laron rebuild a surplus motor from our inventory in ¼ of the time with a full 12 month warranty.  All Motors are E-OK (Electrically Ok) and can be completely rebuilt to fit your needs.  Our offering consists of Vertical Hollow Shaft motors and Vertical Solid Shaft motors as well as Horizontal motors.  Laron can customize options that provide the most current technology on older frames that are no longer manufactured.  We work with EASA to be able to ensure that all rework meets or exceeds the original manufactures electrical design.  All Surplus Motors are Rewound with Inverter Duty Insulation so that they can used in conjunction with Variable Frequency Drives.


Surplus Equipment Inventory

Inv Num 130


Manufacturer USEM
Enclosure ODP
Frame 5809SS
HP 700
Voltage 2300
Quantity 1

Laron has a large selection of surplus equipment that can be customized to fit your application requirements. Please feel free to reserve this item today and we’ll contact you to get it your desired equipment configured quickly.


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