Laron Improves Vacuum Pressure Impregnation System (VPI)

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Laron Phoenix Updates & Improves the Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) System

At Laron Phoenix, we are constantly working to upgrade and improve our products so that we can bring the highest quality to our clients.  We recently completed additional improvements to our 9-foot Vacuum/Pressure Impregnation (VPI) System for high-voltage equipment. Before we take a closer look at the upgrades that have been made, it is important to first understand what exactly a Vacuum/Pressure Impregnation (VPI) System is.

Understanding Vacuum/Pressure Impregnation (VPI) System

Resins play an important role in the electrical system because they facilitate the electrical capabilities in winding insulation materials.  Resins do this while simultaneously providing a strong structural bond between the conducts of the windings. This is important because residual moisture and air pockets can be significant problems for a winding system, particularly if they provide a location for partial discharge (also known as corona). When this happens, the partial discharge may build and eat away at the insulation materials from the inside out and, ultimately, lead to reduced motor lifespan as well as premature and expensive motor repairs.

Why the Laron VPI System Is the Best on the Market

Because the Laron VPI removes moisture and air by applying a vacuum down to the 1-2Torr, it is capable of protecting the winding insulation by removing all moisture and air pockets. Further, it introduces resin underneath the vacuum. Finally, the VPI applies high pressure in order to push the resin deep into the pockets and crevices of the winding insulation materials for optimal protection.

We believe that it is imperative that the VPI process has strong control of timing, pressures, and temperatures along with the use of high-quality insulation materials to truly be a superior product.  For that reason, all Laron Phoenix VPI systems include exactly those features.  In addition to outstanding quality, the team at Laron is highly experienced and able to deliver superior reliability and increased performance when repairing products for customers.

While we have always believed strongly in the quality of our products over the past 40+ years, we also know that innovative thinking and a dedication to superior performance are what set our products apart. We made these upgrades to the VPI system because they offer increased reliability, optimal performance of the windings systems of high-voltage motors, generators and other electrical equipment.

A Closer Look at the Improvements Made to the Laron 9-Foot VPI System

The Laron 9-foot Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) System for high-voltage equipment boasts a number of upgrades and improvements. These improvements increase the reliability and overall performance of the system and also allow for best-in-class control of the vacuum and pressure cycles in addition to resin maintenance that ensures a robust insulation system in electrical equipment rewinds. Included in these upgrades are touchscreen-driven PLC controls for automated cycle processing, digital pressure, and temperature monitoring, as well as the installation of a new storage vessel that boasts excellent temperature controls and automated maintenance profiles.

Of further note is the outstanding varnish used by Laron. Traditionally, varnishes used in impregnation can lose up to 50% of their volume during the curing process.  When this happens, the system is more susceptible to damage and wear from the decreased volume which can lead to air pockets and gaps. In order to provide exceptional electrical, mechanical, and chemical resistance for VPI windings systems, this varnish is Class H rated, 100% solids epoxy varnish.

The vacuum in a VPI system to create a more solid structure that is capable of withstanding common things like leaks, cracks, corrosion, and moisture. The Laron VPI System is the most cost-effective solution because it provides longer insulation life and greater heat dissipation which ultimately extends the lifetime of products while simultaneously saving energy.

Advantages of Using Laron 9-Foot Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) System

Laron has over 40 years of experience in providing the highest-quality comprehensive repair and refurbishments services for electromechanical equipment in Arizona and Nevada. Laron is proud to serve mining, power, heavy industries, and municipalities throughout Arizona and Nevada which is why we are an ideal solution for your VPI service needs. Further, our technical staff is extensively trained and has the expertise necessary to provide vacuum pressure impregnation services. Throughout the entire process, we provide reliability and dedication in finding efficient solutions to save you time, energy and money while reducing downtime.

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