Mineral processing covers the full gamut of crushing, transporting, rendering, enriching and refining the ore into product.  A wide range of skills are required for a truly full solution services provider to safely tear down and inspect damaged or worn equipment, access the best repair strategy, and where necessary, remove, package and transport  the equipment to a Laron off-site facility for  electrical and mechanical repair.


Crusher solutions to keep Mineral Processing in Motion

Crushers (Rock Crushers) broadly categorized by jaw, roller, gyratory and cone crushers are the workhorse of the mining industry and are subject to extreme wear.  The gyratory (primary) crushers and the cone crushers are comprised of a cast outer shell lined with wear plates, a treaded adjustment mechanism and an inner cone with a wear mantle. New crushers, which involve large castings generally, have very long lead time, measured in year ARO so refurbishment represents an attractive alternative both in terms of cost and delivery. Laron’s full solution service begins with rigging and removal of the crusher, transportation to our FLSmidth® authorized service facility, cleaning and inspection for operational wear and damage, weld repair and machining to OEM dimensions and installation of new wear materials.  The refurbished machines are inspected and painted before being installed at the customer’s facility.  The ability to secure OEM parts and to work 24/7 results in expedited refurbishment and shorter down time.  Laron performs work on all Crusher manufacturers including: FLSmidth, Sandvik, Metso and many others.

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Crusher on Horizontal Mill with Flange Face Fly Cutter
MP2500 Crusher bowl weld repair Sciaky tilting on rotating positioner


Conveyor solutions to keep Mineral Processing in Motion

Mining Belt Conveyor

Crushing the ore bearing rocks is generally performed at the mine site and the crushed material is conveyed to the milling and concentrator sites via conveyers, which can be many miles in length.  Stackers (lifting, traveling or Slewing) are specialized conveyors used to position and stockpile the crushed material. Belt conveyors, use large motors and pulley heads to drive the belts, both of which require periodic refurbishment.  The belt troughs along with the access decking and safety rails are frequent field repair projects.

Conveyor pulley Disassembly
Conveyor Tower replacing handrails


Mill solutions to keep Mineral Processing in Motion

Ball Mill
Refurbish Rod Mill

In anticipation of concentrating the ore, large, rotating cylindrical Mills are used to pulverize the crushed ore bearing rock, through friction, impact and attrition.  There are several types of mills, characterized by the media used to grind the ore bearing rocks: Ball Mill, Rod Mill, SAG Mill and Autogenous mills.  By their very nature mills are self-destructive and require refurbishment to the feed ends, discharge ends, liner plates and the journals used to drive the rotating drums.  Given the large size of the mills, removal of the drum and journals requires riggers who are experienced in removal of this type of equipment and adept at lifting heavy loads in close quarters.

Original Pedestal Bearing
Refurbished Pedestal Bearing

Flotation and Filter Process

Flotation and Filtering solutions to keep Mineral Processing in Motion

Flotation Ponds

The flotation process allows for the efficient separation of waste particles and ore.  Many components are required to be in good repair to ensure a good yield.  Laron can provide repair, refurbishment and installation/removal services for the equipment required in the Flotation process including:

  • Lauder and Froth Paddles
  • Cyclone structures
  • Filter Drum
  • Tanks
  • Pipe routes
  • Thickener drop boxes, launders and rakes


SX-EW solutions to keep Mineral Processing in Motion

SX-EW (Solvent Extraction and Electrowinning) is a two-step Hydrometallurgy process used mostly in the Copper mining industry.  These processes are by and large chemical in nature and the equipment used is subject to the usual array of corrosive process resulting in failure to piping, pumps, filters, and tanks.  Cathodes and stripper racks are especially subject to wear.  Laron’s field service employees have vast experience in modifying process lines, pump repair, equipment removal and replacement.  Laron’s shop facilities can handle repair, refurbishment and manufacturing of tanks and pressure vessels.  Laron is equipped and staffed to mobilize for emergency repair or maintenance outages.

  • Piping Routing, Replacement and Repair
  • Piping high and low pressure
  • Pumps Rebuilding and Servicing
  • Electric Motors replacement and rebuilding
  • Filter Installation and repair
  • Tanks New and Refurbishing
  • Cathode refurbishment
Solvent Extraction Electrowinning


Smelter solutions to keep Mineral Processing in Motion


High temperature refining valuable metals broadly defined as Pyrometallurgy include processes of calcining, roasting and smelting.  Calcining and Roasting are gaseous-solids decomposition or reactions with the ore including oxidation, reduction, and chlorination; for example reducing sulfide bearing ores to oxides.  Smelting is a high temperature process in which reactions take place in the molten state with reducing agents to drive off impurities into gasses or slag.  Smelting, calcining and roasting equipment all operate at high temperatures and subject to the corrosive effects of the process.  Laron is equipped to perform furnace and reaction vessel relining, piping modifications, mechanical repair, flue lining and repair, bearing replacement and refurbishment.

  • Smelting Furnaces
  • Relining
  • Piping replacement and repair
  • Electric Motor replacement and repair
  • Journal refurbishment
  • Bearing Replacement and Repair
Smelter pour

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