Open Pit mining operations provide unique challenge to both on-site and off-site service.  Safety is paramount for contractors working on-site as is the ability to work around active operations and other contractors.  A core part of Laron’s on-site service is a safety first attitude, backed by professional training of its employees.   Laron brings a full problem solving service to the mining operations including on site repairs and transportation to any of Laron’s four repair shops providing: mechanical disassembly/ inspection, welding, machining, motor servicing and repair required to restore the equipment to OEM condition.

Haul Trucks

Haul Truck solutions to keep Pit Operations in Motion

Off-highway  (OHV) rigid dump trucks play an essential role in high production mining operations.  Most haul truck capacities range from 40 short tons to 400 short tons.  Recently, ultra-class haul trucks with a capacity of 300 short tons or greater have become the main stay of mining.   Diesel electric haul trucks require specialized electrical and mechanical services for individual components and complete systems.

We have the in-house expertise to build a haul truck from the ground up and to service all of the electrical rotating components.   Wheel motors such as the GE 787, GE 788, GE B25, GE GDY106 and GDY108, alternators, grid blowers are a specialty.   We have both in-house and strategic partnerships to service engine modules, struts, dump bodies and specialized components all the way down, and including, the truck frame.

Haul Truck Repair Side
Haul Truck 458
  • Motorized Wheels
    • GE 787, GE 788
    • GE GDY106, GE GDY108
    • GE B25C2
  • Alternator rebuilds
  • Spindle refurbishment
  • Dump body repairs
  • Frame repairs
  • Engine module sourcing
  • Haul Truck assemble, move and modification services


Shovel solutions to keep Pit Operations in Motion

Large Shovel Repair

Electric rope shovels play a major role in mining for overburden removal.    Shovels consist of a revolving deck with a power plant, a counterweight, boom, dipper handle and bucket.  Bucket capacities range from 8 cubic meters to 80 cubic meters.  Uptime is critical for a shovel because it plays a crucial role in mine production.

Our services and repairs for shovels involve everything from shovel dismantle and erection in the field to repair of individual component.    Booms, dipper handles, side frames, tracks and rollers, transmissions, motors, gear boxes, hoist drums, point sheaves and blocking are names of just a few of the components we service both, in the shop and in the field.  We understand the importance of uptime.

  • Motor Repair
  • Gear box
  • Hoist drums
  • Side frames
  • Booms
  • Dippers
  • Sheaves
  • Shovel erection and moves
shovel hoist drum repair


Dragline solutions to keep Pit Operations in Motion

A dragline is a massive excavator used generally in coal mining to remove large amounts of overburden.   These machines have components built on a very large scale to withstand extreme duty cycles.  Whether called upon to service existing draglines, to relocate and refurbish used draglines or to design and improve existing components, we have solutions to keep draglines in motion.

  • Motors and generator repairs
  • Swing, drag or hoist gear box repairs
  • Walking cam repairs
  • Sheave repairs
  • Drum re-lag repairs
  • Onsite welding and machining services
  • Dragline erection and moves

Pit Support Equipment

Pit Support solutions to keep Pit Operations in Motion

front end loader

Rotary blast hole drills are heavy-duty crawler mounted drilling rigs for surface mines using rotary or DTH (down the hole) blast hole drilling methods.  Loaders and pit support equipment fill out the surface mine equipment needs.   This equipment is vital to pit operations.

  • Drill motor repairs
  • Portable line boring
  • Side frame repairs
  • Crawler pad repairs
  • Gear box repairs
  • Dog bone weld and machine repairs
  • Bucket repairs
Rotary Blast Hole Drill

Mining Line Card

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