Both hard rock or soft rock underground mining operations demand the most resilient equipment and systems to allow for a safe removal and work environment.  Its a tough job with even tougher conditions.  We have the skill and safety reputation to support to keep Underground Mining Operations in motion.


Hoist solutions to keep Underground Operations in Motion

Hoist tower

In underground mining hoists are used to raise and lower conveyances within the mine shaft and are normally powered by electric motors using direct current and solid state converters or alternating current motors using variable frequency drives.  Drum hoists are mounted with a head frame and sheave assembly.  These are vital to underground mines and literally the life-blood of the operation.

  • Installation and removal services
  • Drum maintenance
  • In-field welding and machining
  • Gear box repairs
  • Motor and drives removal, repair and installation services
  • Electrical and mechanical maintenance services
Underground Mining Hoist Pulley

Longwall Systems

Longwall system solutions to keep Underground Operations in Motion

longwall system in coal mine

Longwall mining is a form of underground trona or coal mining where a long wall of trona or coal is mined in a single slice, generally 0.5 to 1.0 meters thick.   A number of hydraulic jacks called power roof supports, chocks or shields are placed side by side along the mining seam. The face is cut by a shearer which can weight between 75 – 120 tons and comprises the main body of gears and electrical drives.

  • Power loader component repairs
  • Electric motor rewinding and repair
  • Gear box and related component repairs
  • Rack and pinion component repairs
  • Bore welding and machining
  • Fabrication
Long Wall Shearer

Ventilation Fans

Ventilation Fan solutions to keep Underground Operations in Motion

Underground mine ventilation fans bring oxygen, cooling and fresh air to mining operations.  These remove and dilute noxious gases produced by diesel engines and blasting with explosives.  These fans, together with the mine hoist operations are vital.

  • Installation and removal
  • Dynamic balancing in-field and in-shop
  • Blade repairs
  • Electric motor repairs and rewinding
  • Fan body housing repairs
  • Electrical and mechanical testing
Ventilation shaft underground mining

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