Solutions to keep Power in Motion

Electrical generation requires special skill sets and an deep understanding about planning for plant outages, having the engineering support and technical expertise for complex repairs and modifications, and having a skilled work force that’s able to turn on a dime to respond to immediate needs. We have been key partners in this field, with EPC firms in building natural gas plants from the ground up, to re-tubing boilers after massive external events, to onsite hot machining in nuclear plants, to re-tubing solar power plant elements, to retrofitting valves and fly ash systems for a 2100 MW coal fired plant, to field machining hydro-electric generator rotors at Hoover Dam, to removing and installing wind turbines for wind farms.  Bottom line:  we work with our customers to efficiently complete complex technical outages and repairs. Whether it’s a planned outage or an emergency, we have the solutions to keep power in motion.

Natural Gas

We Keep Natural Gas Plants in Motion

We are the recognized service leader in the famous corridor in the southwest called “Power Alley”.  We keep natural gas in motion all around the southwestern US, the Rocky Mountain region and Mexico.

Natural Gas Plant at twilight

Coal Fired

We keep Coal Fired Plants in Motion

Coal Fired power plant

We have a special division focused on coal fired plant outages and projects. For electrical mechanical repairs, we have the in-house engineering and expertise to provide quality IEEE repair specifications and rebuild services


We Keep Nuclear Plants in Motion

We take pride in the fact we are a NQA-1 and 10CFR50 Appendix B certified nuclear repair facility. Laron provides the level of quality verification specified by the customer up to and including quality verification/documentation required for Nuclear Safety Related projects.

Nuclear Plant

Solar and Geothermal

We Keep Solar Plants in Motion

Solar Geo-Thermal Power

We are located in heart of the greatest solar geo-thermal power region in North America.    In 2012, Arizona was named the “Persian Gulf” of solar energy.   We are proud to be recognized as the leader for successfully completed re-tube projects for concentrated solar power plants.   We also work closely with geothermal power to help ensure the sustainable power produced with quality electric motor repairs and mechanical services.


We Keep Hydro-Electric Plants in Motion

Hydro-electric generation service involves extraordinary planning and execution. That means taking on the big jobs and, it also means, watching all of the minute details at every level.  Solutions to keep hydro-electric power in motion.

Hoover Dam Hydro Turbines


We Keep Wind Plants in Motion

Wind Turbines

East of the Coast Range in southern California, low-elevation wind corridors exist that have class 3 or greater wind resources. One notable wind corridor is Tehachapi Pass, near Mojave, where winds are funneled from the San Joaquin Valley into the Mojave Desert with areas of class 6 annual average wind resources.  We have the resources to service these massive bladed turbines.  Requirements for cranes, personnel and know how are a must.

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