Laron has established a history of successful work in Hydro-Electric plants including Hoover Dam, Davis Dam, Parker Dam, SRP Bartlett, Helms, Minidoka Dam, Grand Coolee Dam and others.  The big jobs are right up our alley.   Hydro-electric power service work involves extraordinary planning and execution.   That means taking on the big jobs and, it also means, watching the details at every level.


Turbine solutions to keep Hydroelectric Power in Motion

  • Turbine Shaft repair
  • Turbine Assembly
  • Field Machining
  • Outage Support
Hoover Dam Turbine shaft refurbishment


Pump solutions to keep Hydroelectric Power in Motion

Pump Housing Repair Shipment
  • Circulating Water Pump and Head Shaft Repairs
  • Cooling Tower Pump Repairs
  • Boiler Feed Pump Repairs
  • Condensate Pump Repairs
  • Pump Installation
  • Pump Removal
  • New Pump Sales
Verticle Pump Repair Before 2
Field Services Pump Repair

Electric Motors

Motor solutions to keep Hydroelectric Power in Motion

  • Boiler Feed Pump Motors
  • Cooling Tower Pump Motors
  • Condensate Pump Motors
  • Cooling Tower Fan Motors
  • General Plant Motors
  • Electric Motor Repairs
  • Electric Motor installations
  • New Motor Sales
Electric Motors in Power Plant
Electrical Motor Rewind
900HP Finished Motors 1

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