Solar leads the US as one of the most abundant natural resources on the planet.  Arizona, with its abundance of solar geography, leads the way.  We understand what it takes to keep solar power plants up and running.  From new installations to repairs of solar collectors and heat transfer units, we know solar and we have earned the distinction to be  the “go-to” resource for keeping solar power in motion.  We also know geothermal power.   There is abundant geothermal power in the desert of the southwest.   Geothermal power calls on us for the difficult maintenance and repair challenges.  We have the solutions to keep solar and geothermal power in motion.

Solar Receiver Tubes

Solar Receiver Tube solutions to keep Solar Power in Motion

Solar receiver tubes are at the heart of what make major solar collection power work.   Hydrogen leaks erode up-time and efficiency.   We have the proven repair procedure for massive overhauls of solar collection tubes.

Solar Geo-Thermal Power
Solar Tube replacement
  • Non Destructive collection tube removal
  • Collection Tube Installation
  • Elimination of hydrogen leaks
  • Proven and tested repair procedures

Steam Generators

Steam Generator solutions to keep Solar Power in Motion

The Steam generator is the heart of the power generation process for a Solar Plant.  These large generators contain thousands of pressurized tubes and if they lose pressure then power generation looses efficiency.  Laron has the skill and resources to ensure the proper functioning of these steam generators.

Steam Generator at Solar Plant
Steam Generator Tube Vacuum Repair
  • Helium Leak Detection
  • Leak repair
  • Tube Removal
  • Tube Repair
  • Floating Head Gasket Replacement

High Pressure and Low Pressure Piping

Piping solutions to keep Solar Power in Motion

Piping in power plant
  • Leak Repairs
  • Attemperator Repairs
  • Valve Replacements
  • P91, P11 and P22 Pipe Repairs
  • Cold Reheat Line Repairs
  • Reheater Piping and Support Repairs
  • Hot Reheat Piping and Support Repairs
  • Hot and Cold Pipe Support Surveys
  • Main Steam Eccentric Reducer and Pipe Spool Crack Repairs
Yellow Piping
Pipe Repair

Boilers / Pressure Vessels

Boiler solutions to keep Solar Power in Motion

  • Superheater – Partial and Full Tube Replacements
  • Gas Baffle, Floor and Wall Replacements
  • Piping Repairs – Carbon, P22, P91
  • Desuperheater Repairs
  • Kettle IP/LP Expansion Joint Repairs
  • Reheat Bypass Valve Drip Leg Modifications
ASME Stamps
Steam Boiler Pressure vessel
Boiler ready for heat treat in oven
Boiler Repair


Valve solutions to keep Solar Power in Motion

New Valve Installation
  • High Pressure Valve Repairs and Replacements
  • Low Pressure Valve Repairs and and Replacements
  • Attemperator Repairs and Replacements
  • Steam Repair Valve and Replacement
  • Main Steam Stop Repair and Replacement
  • Hot and Cold Reheat Replacements
Valves ready for installation


Pump solutions to keep Solar Power in Motion

  • Circulating Water Pump and Head Shaft Repairs
  • Cooling Tower Pump Repairs
  • Boiler Feed Pump Repairs
  • Condensate Pump Repairs
  • Pump Installation
  • Pump Removal
  • New Pump Sales
Pump Housing Repair Shipment
Field Services Pump Repair

Electric Motors

Motor solutions to keep Solar Power in Motion

Electric Motors in Power Plant
  • Boiler Feed Pump Motors
  • Cooling Tower Pump Motors
  • Condensate Pump Motors
  • Cooling Tower Fan Motors
  • General Plant Motors
  • Electric Motor Repairs
  • Electric Motor installations
  • New Motor Sales
Electrical Motor Rewind
900HP Finished Motors 1

Solar & Geothermal Line Card

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