Forging Industry Tests Laron-Laron Gets Endorsement from “The MAJOR”

Posted by Matt Hecht

Last overhauled in the mid-1980s, the largest operating Forge Press in the United States, known as “Major”, was in dire need of a life extension overhaul.  Owned and operated by Wyman Gordon, “Major” is considered a strategic national industrial asset and is essential for the support of various critical military aircraft production programs.

As the United States metal forming industries faced decades of continually degrading capability and production, fewer and fewer companies were able to retain or develop the capability to accomplish the very complex and difficult job of providing the necessary Life Extension services for this critical national asset.

Faced with very time limiting production constraints, and based on Laron’s expansive Industrial Repair capability as well as their demonstrated superior performance in Forging Press Overhaul work, Wyman Gordon chose Laron to accomplish this vital work.  The forge press work was accomplished against a tight timeline, in a very challenging work environment and included major equipment disassembly, complex rigging, precision machining on multiple assemblies/parts weighing over 30 tons, fabrication and installation of new structural steel, reassembly and precision placement/alignment of equipment, coordination of multiple contractor’s efforts/facility equipment and successful recommissioning of the Forge Press.

At the safe and successful completion of the Overhaul, Laron’s accomplishment was lauded by a senior Wyman Gordon manager, who stated that “there was not another company in the nation who could have accomplished the work that Laron performed”.  Laron continues to build its resume as the company that provides “Solutions to Keep Industry in Motion”!

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