Portable Gantry Mill

Posted by Matt Hecht

A customer was in need of some field machining work that could not be done through traditional methods.  A 40ft long structure needed to be machined flat requiring over 3500lbs of material to be removed in the process.  Traditional field machining would require many setups causing the process to be inefficient and costly.

Laron rose to the challenge presented by the customer and designed a special large Portable Gantry Mill capable of the sheer magnitude.  The Portable Gantry Mill is driven by state of the art SEW electric motors and variable frequency drives.  The solution rides on dual ball screws that articulate the cutting tool up and down 38 feet of tracks capable of removing 128lbs/hr at a feed rate of 24 in/min all controlled by a wireless remote so operators can perform the task at a safe distance.

Laron specializes in custom solutions powered by state of the art technology.

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