Primary Contractor for Liquefied Natural Gas

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Laron Inc., an Employee‐Owned, industry‐leading company has over 40 years of broad industrial plant experience with proven expertise in the development and construction of liquefied natural gas plants and plant equipment. Laron’s world‐class service offerings include seamless integration of shop and field capabilities in plant construction, structural steel and tank fabrication, pipe and tube welding, precision machining and mechanical/electrical system construction, repair and maintenance.

Acting as a primary contractor for liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant construction projects in the south western United States, Laron completes projects ahead of schedule, under budget with quality superseding any competitor.

Laron has a proven capability to exceed the skill, productivity and project management requirements for domestic and international liquefied natural gas plant construction.

LNG Field Services

  • ASME, S, U and NBIC R code stamps
  • Rigging, Millwright and crane services
  • Skid mounted system fabrication
  • Pipe spool manufacturing and on‐site installation
  • Pressure vessel construction and repair
  • Cryogenic vessel, heat exchanger and accumulator construction and repair
  • All schedules and alloys, exotic metal pipe and tube welding
  • Civil and balance of plant construction
  • On‐site post weld heat treatment and non‐destructive testing services

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