Laron specializes in helping you to select the proper electric motor for your application. We can customize electric motors to be drop-in replacement for your vintage electric motors or new applications. Laron’s team has extensive knowledge of different manufacturers and models to make sure you get the exact motor for the right price. All of Laron’s electric motors go through a 26 point quality inspection prior to shipping. We deliver solutions, not commodities.


Horizontal Motors

Our Horizontal Motors Keep You In Motion

  • Laron stocks over $2M in Horizontal motors
  • Laron stocks motors ranging from 1/2 HP to 1500HP
  • Laron works with many manufacturers including:
    • US/Nidec
    • Teco
    • Siemens
    • Weg
    • Tatung
    • ABB/Baldor/Reliance




TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan-Cooled) enclosures do not permit outside air to circulate but uses an internal fan to cool itself.  These enclosures provide good protection against environmental issues.

ODP (Open Dripproof) enclosures have vents to allow air to flow over the coils to help cool.  These motors are used in everyday application and are made of lightweight rolled steel construction.


Vertical Motors

Our Vertical Motors Keep You In Motion

  • Laron stocks over $3M in vertical motors
  • Laron stocks motors ranging from 5HP to 1200HP
  • Laron works with many manufacturers including:
    • US/Nidec
    • Teco
    • Tatung
Large Motors in Warehouse

Vertical Hollow Shaft

Vertical Solid Shaft


The hollow shaft allows the pump head shaft to connect to extend through the motor shaft and it connects to an integrally-mounted drive coupling.

A vertical solid shaft motor is coupled to the pump shaft by an externally mounted coupling.

ROSTA Motor Mounts

Solutions To Keep Your Motor In Motion

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Laron is now a seller of ROSTA self-tensioning motor mounts for all friction belt drives. These slippage free mounts help protect your motors belts, bearings, and is maintenance free! The ROSTA motor mount also allow short-term slippage during start-up with large inertias, avoiding excessive tension on belt carcass.

Watch a video on ROSTA Motor Mounts!

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