Solutions To Keep Industry In Motion

Laron provides Electric Motor and Equipment storage in our 30,000 square foot warehouse. We provide a clean, dry, vibration free environment with a 100 ton lifting capacity so your equipment is protected and ready for service at a moments notice. Expand your warehouse space by utilizing ours with peace of mind through our routine checks and maintenance programs. We can also provide alterations to your stored equipment due to demands in production, giving you the ability to have less down time on electric motor or equipment swaps.

Large Motors in Warehouse
Warehouse Facilities
  • 30,000 Square foot warehouse
  • Clean, dry and vibration free environment
  • 100 Ton lifting capacity
  • Ambient temperature above 50°F
  • Full time warehouse staff on site and available 24/7/365
  • Locations in:
    • Salt Lake City, Utah
    • Phoenix, Arizona
    • Tucson, Arizona
    • Kingman, Arizona
Motor in storage QC check
Maintenance and Pre-Inservice Inspection
  • Routine equipment and storage area inspections
  • All motor shafts are turned monthly
    • Reduces the incidents and severity of false brinelling and grease stratification
  • Stored equipment can be delivered 24/7/365
  • Equipment is palletized, wrapped and/or crated upon request
  • Full “Storage Period Maintenance Records” are shipped with each piece of equipment
  • Upon request, motors are test run at full voltage and monitored for vibration, current balance and other running-motor parameters
900HP Finished Motors 1
Customer and Warranty Services
  • Warranty period for repaired motors utilizing Laron’s Motor and Equipment Storage facilities may be extended for non-use periods of up to five years
  • First month storage for equipment that has just been repaired by Laron is free
  • Free verification and inventory tracking services for all stored equipment
  • Partial assembly/disassembly services are available
  • Cosmoline, rust inhibitor and/or desiccant protection services available
  • Installed space heaters powered up and operated upon request
  • Brush and commutator/slip ring insulation installed on all brushed motors and generators

Equipment Storage solutions to keep Industry in Motion

When you don’t have the space or manpower to keep your spare equipment ready when you need it most, we have a team that will manage your critical assets and deliver them when needed.  Guaranteed to be in the condition you need when you need it.

Equipment Storage Line Card

Download our line card for a full list of our capabilities.


Leading the industry standard in safety, we continually strive to achieve a "Zero Incident Work Environment" through an approach which includes Training, Resources, Auditing and our unique "Whole Person" approach to safety.


Our Quality runs deeper than our Nuclear NQA-1 10CFR50 Appendix B, SKF®, Timken®, ASME, and numerous other qualifications, it exists in all our products and services. Our goal is your goal: to keep your Industry In Motion.

24/7 Support

When things go wrong at the worst possible time, Laron provides the service and repair resources to get your assets back up and running. Whether scheduled or in emergency situations, Laron takes the call and gets it done.