Solutions To Keep Industry In Motion

Our predictive maintenance and reliability department has a very unique group of skilled professionals that have the capability to determine and prevent catastrophic failure of equipment even in very early stages of deterioration. Not only after the machine has already been running, but even before the machine is ever started.  We have the capability to perform field alignment work to ensure your machine will run optimally from start and throughout the life of the machine and extend the life of your equipment.

Predictive maintenance report 3

A study performed by the ASME, showed that an Aluminum Facility was able to get their “dollar per horsepower” down to $6 from $17.58 by using predictive maintenance on their motors.

  • Preventative maintenance system review
  • Preventative maintenance system development
  • Technical writing
  • Maintenance planning
  • Equipment condition surveys
  • Life cycle cost analysis
CSI Vibration Analysis
Vibration Analysis
  • CSI multi-channel data collectors
  • Machinery Health Manager software
  • Complete vibration analysis reports and recommendations
  • Equipment baseline and history trending
  • Root failure analysis
  • Imminent failure identification
Infrared Termography
  • Identify failing components and systems
  • Survey switchgear and MCC units
  • Detect all types of failing insulation
  • Locate unbalanced electrical circuits
  • Increase up-time
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Precision alignments
  • Ludeca Rotalign Pro
  • Experts in mechanical alignment
  • Brunson scope alignment
  • Base plate leveling
  • New installations
  • Periodic alignment checks
Electric Apparatus Repair and Testing Baker
Motor Condition Testing
  • 2000HP Dynamometer
  • Baker Explorer full motor testing
  • Insulation condition testing
  • EASA motor verification data
Electric Apparatus Repair and Testing Bench
Power Quality Testing
  • Voltage levels
  • Voltage imbalances
  • Harmonic distortion – spectrum analysis
  • Current testing
    • over current testing
    • rotor bar testing
  • Motor efficiency testing – horsepower produced

Predictive Maintenance To Keep Industry In Motion

Our certified vibration analysts’ use the most modern technology and techniques used in the industry to perform vibration analysis of any rotating equipment. By using AMS Suite: Machinery Health software we can consolidate vibration data, analyze it and provide you with a full report about the health of your machine including any mechanical or electrical problems.

Predictive Maintenance Line Card

Download our line card for a full list of our capabilities.


Leading the industry standard in safety, we continually strive to achieve a "Zero Incident Work Environment" through an approach which includes Training, Resources, Auditing and our unique "Whole Person" approach to safety.


Our Quality runs deeper than our Nuclear NQA-1 10CFR50 Appendix B, SKF®, Timken®, ASME, and numerous other qualifications, it exists in all our products and services. Our goal is your goal: to keep your Industry In Motion.

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