Welding Quality Program Recertification

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Laron’s Dedication to Excellence:  Celebrating 18 Years of Welding Quality Certification

Laron Achieves Welding Quality Program Recertification Through 2022!

Laron is a company dedicated to excellence and that has been well demonstrated over the past 40 years as a leader in the machining, fabrication, millwright services, electrical equipment repair and manufacturing, new equipment sales, and predictive maintenance.  At Laron, we are proud to announce that we were able to easily sweep the Welding Quality Program Recertification through 2022!

Laron Continuously Maintains Stamp Certification

In 2001, Laron was certified to accomplish “R”, “S”, and “U” work.  Then, on June 3rd, 2001, Laron applied its first “R” stamp.  And, since that time, we are proud to say that Laron’s Welding Quality Control program has continuously maintained Stamp certification by both ASME and the National Board Inspection Code (NBIC).  This is incredibly important because, as ASME notes – it is our way of showing our commitment to industry-leading excellence, “ASME certification is the clearest way to tell customers, supply chain, industry, and regulators that your company is committed to public safety and quality.”

In the past nearly 20 years, Laron has completed thousands of qualified repairs and has certified a multitude of pressure vessels.  Further, Laron has written and used over 200 individual Weld Procedure Specifications.  And, Laron routinely welds materials including anything from Carbon Steel to exotic alloys!

Laron Demonstrates a Commitment to Industry-Leading Excellence

Laron has such a positive reputation and such loyal customers based on the support we provide to the mining, manufacturing, power generation, gas transmission, and construction industries.  We know that businesses need to maintain or improve uptime and that is why we provide industrial support services to establish and newly acquired customers with the intent on optimizing the uptime of their operations.  Laron has been able to achieve that by building on our core values of innovation, responsiveness, first-time-quality, and value-added service.  It is those core values that have also driven us to use our extensive experience from the Welding Quality Control Program and implement additional quality programs, including:

  • ASME Nuclear Quality Assurance Program (NQA-1)
  • Association of American Railroads (AAR)
  • UL Certification for Explosion Proof Motors
  • UL Certification for Panel Building (UL 508)
  • Certified SKF Motor Rebuilding Locations
  • Certified Timken Bearing Service Center
  • EASA Certified Motor Rebuild Center

Excellence in all areas to provide customers with outstanding quality has been a key objective at Laron for many years.  This is perfectly demonstrated by our most recent Welding Quality Program Recertification through 2022 that remarkably had ‘no findings.’  At Laron, we continue to strive for excellence and improve in all areas to provide outstanding service to our clients.

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